Service and Support

AddspeX |Service

Cost of ownership, dedicated software management, minimized downtime, preventive- and corrective maintenance, validation, training, education programs, 21 CFR part 11? Sure, we have it all. But we believe business is done with people communicating with people. You, as our valued partner, knows best what your specific situation needs, wants and wishes. We can provide any tailor made support level at a price, which is in line with the service you receive. We stand for your satisfaction and make sure that you can stand for the satisfaction of your customer.

How we do that?

Simple. We will not scream from the roof that we are the biggest. We don’t need a fantastic piece of software to log your problems and where we can find the status of the process. To us, you are a valued person, whom we know and whom we enjoy to work for.

We have a beautiful product line, Rigaku ED-XRF, WD-XRF and XRD and Thermo Scientific XPS.
With SpeX which speak for itself. We Add a very committed group of people to this, to make your investment successful. We believe that this personal approach will make the difference. You will find our sales specialists are local people, with great experience. We have product specialists who will optimize your applications, who will train you, who will be the connection to the network of global XRF/XRD specialists. We have service engineers who are well trained and can communicate on a correct level with you, with his colleagues and the supplier.

AddSpeX has a dedicated team of local specialists, working fully autonomic without involvement of management. Fast, highly qualified and at your service. And to ensure continuity: an international, financial strong mother company to back-up with people.

AddspeX |Support

The support department of AddspeX consists of well-trained product specialists who have extensive technical knowledge of equipment, software and applications. Our Service & Support Engineers are in direct contact with our suppliers, they are regularly trained to keep up with recent developments and they are certified to perform IQ-OQ installations and validations.

Besides giving advice on the purchase of an instrument, our Service & Support Engineers show the equipment in real life: with demonstrations on site or in the BRS laboratory. During our regular workshops and seminars we welcome our customers to discover the advantages of our products and services. For special applications, our support team performs feasibility studies, tests your analysis and helps you to optimize the analysis to obtain the results you are aiming at.